Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Force or Freedom...

1. Conservatives want to regulate most everything you do with your personal life by the standards of their sliding scale of morality but want to give you, and especially corporations, a great deal of freedom to do most anything you want to do economically, regardless of the consequences.

2. Liberals want to regulate just some of what you want to do with your personal life by the standards of their feelings of enforced “fairness” or “equality” or “environmental justice” or whatever is in fashion, while making sure the financial practices of individuals and corporations are regulated to be fair, equal, and just by the standards of their own opinions.

And there, my friends, is the debate in this country: all we are doing is fighting over how much force is to be used by whom and against whom and to what ends.

Does anyone ever make the case for freedom? What would the world be like if people stopped being obsessed with making others live and believe in certain ways?

Force is force, whether good intentioned or not. Just societies are cautious with the use of force. Oppressive societies can’t exist without it.


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